Upcoming Events

9/25: 2:20-5:30 pmKickoff PartyMuldowney HallAll middle and high school teens are invited to attend our kickoff. There will be adoration, food, fun, music, and more.
9/28: 6-8 pmFirst Middle School WednesdayMuldowney HallCome on out for some dinner, games, and more. Bring a friend!
10/7: 7-9 pmNighttime Corn MazeHill High FarmWe’re going to see who can tackle the corn maze in the dark! Who can make it through the fastest?
10/12: 6-8 pmMiddle School WednesdayMuldowney HallRegular meeting with dinner, discussion, games, and prayer.
10/15: 9:15-4:30 pmPaintballSkyline PaintballJoin us in a battle with the finest warriors!
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