Wednesday Mash Up

We’ve gone digital! Now the Wednesday mash up will take place over Google Meet. We’ll meet at 11:30 am every other Wednesday, eat lunch together and talk about anything and everything. We’ll have deep discussions or see how everyone’s doing. Just click on the event in the calendar below to sign in! It’s ok if you can only stay for part of it. We would love to see you!

If you want to talk about something, or have a question that you would like to remain anonymous, click here to submit. We won’t know it’s you!

Bring your lunch, a Bible, and your questions!

Submit your questions!

If you’ve had a question on your mind for a while and just didn’t find the right time to ask it, this is the right time! Your questions are completely anonymous, so go ahead and ask anything about the Faith, life, current events, or anything else. Click this link to submit a question.

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