High School

Welcome to High School Cor Team! Take a break from school, make some new friends, or just hang out. Be a part of a fun Catholic community that participates in the life of the Church.

We would love for you to bring a friend, even they don’t come to Sacred Heart!

Upcoming Changes

Flock Note: We are moving all of our communications from regular email to Flock Note. It is a service specifically designed for churches. This is the primary way we will communicate with you. Teens and parents are welcome to sign up. You can receive texts and emails and opt out any time. We will not share your data with anyone. Please click here to sign up for Flock Note.

Waivers and Permission Forms: The Diocese created a COVID-19 waiver that all teens and volunteers are required to sign. One volunteer waiver covers all events for the year. Click here for the volunteer waiver form. Teens can fill out a waiver that covers all on campus events at the parish, but must submit a waiver for every event off campus. Click here for the youth waiver form.

Teens must also fill out a permission slip to attend all on campus events for the year as well as one permission slip per off campus event. Click here for the permission form.

Sunday High School Nights

We have food and games followed by great talks and discussions about our Faith. Come “dive deeper” into our Catholic beliefs and have a lot of fun.

Sign up to get email and text notifications of all upcoming events and activities. Click here to sign up for Flock Note

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