Covid Stuff

We want to have fun and uplifting Cor Team events, and we also want to be safety conscious and follow diocesan and state COVID-19 protocols.

  1. We ask all adults and teens who are not feeling well to stay home and get well.  If you answer yes to any of the following questions, please stay home: 
    • A fever?
    • A cough? (not from another medical condition)
    • Any muscle aches (not from another medical condition or another specific activity)?
    • Throat pain?
    • Shortness of breath (not from another condition)?
    • Headache (not from another medical condition)?
    • New loss of taste or smell?
  2. We ask all adults and teens present to bring a face covering with them; if someone forgets a face covering, one will be provided:
    • When we are outside, face masks are not required to be worn.
    • When we are inside, face masks are not required to be worn when individuals are 6 feet or farther away from each other. 
    • While we are indoors and within 6 feet of others, individuals are required to wear a face covering over your nose and mouth.
    • We will limit individuals being within 6 feet of each other to at most 15 minute increments .
  3. We ask all adults and teens present to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer 1) after playing with shared equipment (ex. four-square) & 2) before eating.
    • Food that is not individually packaged will be prepared by and/or served by adults who will be wearing a mask & gloves.
  4. For carpooling to events off campus, we ask that 1) all adults and teens wear face coverings during the drive and 2) passengers are adequately spaced apart.
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