What is Cor Team?

Cor Team is the name for the Youth and Young Adult Ministry at Sacred Heart of Jesus. Cor means “heart” in Latin, and we invite all the youth, from middle school to young adults, to passionately follow our Lord Jesus Christ.

We are requesting teens’ and parents’ input on how to better serve you and your families.  Please complete this five question optional anonymous survey here:  https://forms.gle/H1DDM98HXRR2E1Aq6

Latest Updates

High School

We need all high schoolers on our team to beat St. John’s!

Middle School

Middle school students are welcome to join us every other Wednesday at 6:15 in Muldowney Hall for Mass and Confession at 6:30 followed by dinner and fun.

Young Adults

Join us for a picnic lunch at Hill High Farm on Saturday, October 17 at 11:30 am. Then we’ll see who can make it through the corn maze the fastest! Click here for more information about Hill High Farm.

Our theme for this year is Abound in Hope! Even in the midst of all of the certainty we experienced throughout this year, we can still have hope in the person of Jesus Christ. We find who we are in Him, we find our purpose in Him, and we find our fulfillment in Him.

Check out this awesome talk about hope by Father Schmitz!

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